Project owner: Andrey Tumas

Area: 170 m2
Place: Minsk
Year: 2009

Art Deco with its intrinsic chic is perfectly fit for glamorous interior. Glossy surfaces, plant motifs in the form of a lily flower, flowing forms of furniture helped to create the atmosphere of refinement.


To create a luxurious interior for a couple with children in a duplex apartment of a residential building. At the same time it has to be functional and unfold the airspace.


The project was implemented in Art Deco style with elements of fusion and classicism. The interior theme was set by the royal lily, which was originally present in the apartment top floor columns. Decorative elements in this flower form inspired the designer to use it as the main motive. The image of lily can be seen everywhere: on the floor in the hallway and on the stairs, in the decoration of table and columns.

Specially for this project Andrey Tumas designed a series of original objects. The focus of living space became a staircase that descends into the centre of the lower floor and visually separates the living room from the dining room. There is a low illuminated podium in the dead area under the stairs. The apartment acquired the black double-face chest of drawers, which faces the living room and the hallway. It is decorated with marble and framed by metal plates.

Contrasting colours (in a colour variation of the piano keys) and expensive materials are the landmarks of this style. The designer has given to the space the extent and the structure with the help of black, white, red and silver colours. The adult’s area is decorated in black and white scale, and the children's area - in a more dilute and warm one.

The interior elegantly inscribes wood, leather, metal, glass surfaces. Simple duplicate forms exhibit the richness of textures of these materials.

Art Deco loves challenging light. Lighting fixtures (crystal chandeliers, table and built-in lights, podium lights) highlight the key points in the interior and emphasize the common style.

Many of the details are modelled by me,

and the result was a space where almost everything is designer’s know-how.

Andrey Tumas
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