Andrey Tumas

Architect, interior designer, co-founder of the studio "Chetvertyi kvartal", manager of the project "Obstanovka".

Andrew’s attraction to drawing appeared in early age. After finishing an art studio, he entered the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute (now - Academy of Arts) the department of "Interior and furnishings". The choice of specialty was influenced by the interest in working with space. But, nevertheless, the designer does not recommend this profession to others, because it is only for true fans.

In 1991-1993, Andrey taught the design in the Republican Boarding School of Music and Art (RBSMA) (now - Gymnasium-College of Arts). Staring from 1992 he became engaged in public interiors as a part of the representation of Czech furniture company Vesna. Among them there are the banks' offices ("Belarusbank", "Priorbank"), the Russian gas company "Purgas", some of the facilities of the Presidential Administration. Currently, the designer specializes in designing private houses and interiors.

One of Andrey’s life priorities is continuous professional development. He regularly attends international shows in Germany, Belgium, England, Italy. The designer is a certified specialist of such companies as Schmiz (Germany), Wever Ducre, Delta (Belgium), Ragno, Teuco (Italy). His works are published in Russian ("Luchshiye Interiery", "Krasiviye Kvartiry" Salon), Polish (Świat Rezydencji) and Belarusian editions ("Obstanovka", "Majordom", "Architectura i Stroitelstvo", "Nasha Mebel").

The designer regards his work primarily as creativity and art, and only then as a business. Each project for him is a new emotion, a new life, new dreams of a customer, which together take shape in reality. Andrey is a perfectionist by nature, and, working through the interior to the smallest detail, he gathers it into a coherent whole.

Another passion and an integral part of the designer's life is skiing. He has been skiing since 1976 and could captivate most of his institute friends with this hobby. Andrey is sure that still many new peaks are ahead of him.

The stylish interior is like a stylish suit, which is tailor-made. It cannot be bought in a store or a boutique. It is only created individually for the customer, and every line of it is to talk about the hand of an experienced master.

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