Project owner: Dmitriy Sidelnikov

Area: 3,000 m2
Place: Minsk
Year: 2012

In 2009, on the site of the ultramodern office of LLC "Leangroup" there was a production hall with a warehouse. It was a typical legacy of the Soviet economy - with dilapidated walls, silicate brick and firewater tank in the centre.


To transform the former furniture production warehouse into the multi-purpose building for a large company that produces packaging. At the same time it is essential to preserve the existing structure in order to optimize the budget.


Dmitriy Sidelnikov did his best to take into account the old development area of the multiple-arch structure, which included some warehouses and a huge production hall.

The biggest challenge was to combine the premises different in function into one office building. For this purpose a 6-meter span was separated from the hall and a new duplex box was created between these two spaces. During the project implementation the author was faced with some other features of previous designs, which required tailor-made engineering approach.

Neutral colour scale (with a predominance of white and grey) and the large windows fill the rooms with light and air. The workspace has its comfort that is brought to it by bright decorative elements, works of art and ergonomic furniture.

The reconstruction of production and warehouse building has resulted in a stylish and functional office, which highlights the leadership status of the company and energizes its employees with positive for the whole day.

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