Dmitriy Sidelnikov

Architect, interior designer and co-founder of the studio "Chetvertyi kvartal". A member of the Belarusian Union of Architects.

He was born in 1961 in Astrakhan. After graduating from the Architectural Faculty of BPI he worked at the design institute "Minskgrazhdanproekt", and later - at the architectural studio of LLC "TM-7".

Dmitry has been engaged in the design of public and residential buildings, the design of private interiors for over 27 years. His works have won prizes in international and national competitions. One of the latter awards to be mentioned is the 2nd place in the nomination "Public spaces" in the national competition of professional interior in 2013 and the 1st degree Diploma at the XVI Republican contest for the best architectural works of 2012-2013. Many objects were published in the magazines "Luchshiye Interiery" and "Architectura i Stroitelstvo" (several dozens of publications).

Successful professionals, according to Dmitry, are always distinguished by talent. And the architect is pleased that there are many talented colleagues in this sphere - both young professionals, and representatives of the old school. His interest is kindled by the projects of Rem Koolhaas, Ole Sheeren, Wolf D. Prix, Vladimir Plotkin et al.

Mankind is constantly developing in all spheres, including architecture. Dmitry sees its future with environmentally friendly materials and hopes that silicate brick and slate will soon become a thing of the past.

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