Lyudmila Tatarinova

Architect, interior designer and co-founder of the studio "Chetvertyi kvartal".

She was born in 1962 in Minsk and has specialized education (Architectural Faculty of BPI).

Lyudmila has been engaged in interior design for more than 20 years. Her works win the national competitions almost every year: in 2009 - in the nomination "Cafe, bar, club interior", in 2011 - in the nomination "Cafes and restaurants" and "Living space", in 2012 - in the nomination "Living space". The designer’s projects are regularly published in the magazine "Luchshiye Interiery", "MajorDom", "Archidom" and on specialized sites.

A crucial point in work with a customer is the degree of freedom. Ideal variant: to fill in the brief, and ... to show the already adapted space. That is why it is better to trust in the talent and experience of a master hand.

Why this particular profession? When you invent something new - it's like being in love: you desire a new beginning, you will not know whether you will be accepted, but the excitement is great ... It's like living several lives.

One of the favourite styles is fusion, eclectic, where minimalism is mixed with the classic "other" elements. It allows you to create a modern, neutral space, where you can easily change focus at any time.

The designer admits that her heart was definitely stolen by Philippe Starck -      innovative, he boldly violates the rules and shocks the world. And, of course, she is delighted by Antonio Citterio, who works in his traditional vector with references to a particular style. By making a slight change to the proportions, he creates beautiful furniture and accessories!

The best way for Lyudmila to tune in to the right creative wave is a morning cup of coffee, while to take a break from work issues – a good movie.

Interior design is a snapshot of cultural process and a demonstration of perceiving the world.

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