Overall cycle from idea to its realization is a complex process that requires time, effort, expertise and reliable partners.

 “Chetvertyi kvartal” Studio is ready to take upon both the aesthetic and practical components of all stages of creating a new space, be it an apartment, a house, an office, a restaurant or a hotel.

After all, interior is not just a specific arrangement of furniture, but a joint work of a designer and a client, and each of them contributes some information to the interior design. The design reflects taste, abilities, philosophy and attitude towards life.


Generally, even if you are not a designer, you know which color, what kind of furniture or accessories to choose in order to feel comfortable in such surroundings.

Professional designers and architects are able to translate this idea into reality much faster and more effectively than an amateur, who sees separate details, while a designer sees and feels the space as a whole.

In “Chetvertyi kvartal” Studio you can order a professional design project, consisting of a Schematic Design and a Detail Design, and fully implement your project with us.

Moreover, you should bear in mind more pragmatic matters, which you will surely come across when creating any interior design: technologies, materials, logistics, contractors, negotiations with government agencies.

Interior Design: averaged description of work stages for 100 m² premises

Subject to fast approval of intermediate results with the customer.

Work scheme

Schematic Design


This is the main ideological part of a design project, the design itself. Based on tasks and functions of a facility, we will develop a style and color scheme for each room, choose finishing materials, furniture, lighting fixtures, decor items. At this stage, individual interior style is being created.

What documents does our customer get?

Space-planning solution with furniture arrangement;
Schematic solutions:
– photorealistic 3D-visualization of key areas of a facility, for example, in commercial Interior: entrance room, meeting room, office, bedroom, etc.;
– 3D-visualization in sketches (not photorealistic, but provides a three-dimensional view of a future facility)

How long does this stage last?

Each project, as well as each client, is individual and has its own peculiarities. Therefore, there cannot be uniform terms at this stage.
On average, subject to fast approvals with the customer, creation of a Schematic Design for 100 m2 premises takes 30-40 working days.

Detail Design


To be developed on the basis of customer approved sketches and involves the development of a package of design drawings, specifications, statements required to implement the project. This is the stage of detailed elaboration of all solutions developed at the previous stage. Our Detail Design provides a construction brigade with all the information for quality performance.

What documents does our customer get?

– general data and measurement plan; 
– plan for dismantling partitions (where applicable); 
–plan for erecting partitions (where applicable); 
– plan of lighting fixtures; 
– inclusion plan for lighting fixtures in groups; 
– plan of wiring devices; 
– wall elevation view; 
– ceiling plan; 
– floor plan; 
–general view with furniture arrangement; 

– drawings and sectional views of non-standard elements (where applicable);
– room schedule.

What bonuses does our customer get?

Customers of the Studio “Chetvertyi kvartal” get a free service of final alignment of design drawings with utilities and structural elements of the building (in case the customer provides finished drawings of utility lines or structural elements of the building).

How long does this stage last?

Each project, as well as each customer, is individual and has its own peculiarities. Therefore, there cannot be uniform terms at this stage. On average, subject to final approval of the previous stage, Schematic Design, with the customer, creation of the Detail Design for 100 m2 premises takes 30-40 working days.

Material Take-Off


Material Take-Off service is very convenient if you do not want to waste your time on studying materials and furniture market, figuring the availability and delivery time of goods, quality control of incoming goods and other matters associated with the selection of final materials for your future Interior.

The main function of the professional selector is effective budget management. The main tool is market monitoring: the study of market proposals for finishing materials, plumbing fixtures, furniture and selection of optimal suppliers of materials and finishes for the purpose of cost optimization.

The main area of work for Material Take-Off: salons and suppliers.

What documents does our customer get? 
– Bill of Materials;
– schedule of furniture;
– schedule of plumbing fixtures;
* including the prices, final budget and address of sellers that have the specified goods.

How long does this stage last? 

Depending on the specifics of the project, Material Take-Off may begin at the stage of Schematic Design development and last until the end of construction.

Design Supervision


Interior Design Supervision is a kind of guarantee of the conformity of the results of construction works with the original idea of interior design. This is a complex control of correspondence of technological, architectural&stylistic, construction and other technical solutions of commissioning facility with the solutions approved by the customer in the design documentation. Market monitoring and a thorough comparative analysis of proposals of materials suppliers are not included in the scope of Design Supervision.

The main area of Design Supervision is the facility itself.

What does our customer get?

– regular visits of project designer to the facility, as well as remote control over implementation of the project;
– keeping Design Supervision log;
– consultations to construction workers and suppliers in respect of all drawings and sketches of the design project;
– timely amendment of the design project subject to the customer’s approval (where applicable).

Replanning approvals


If the project requires replanning and development of additional technological solutions, then you will surely need to get approvals in respect of these changes in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

In order to protect yourself from mistakes and save time, you can entrust this work to specialists of the Studio “Chetvertyi kvartal”.

What does our customer get?

Registration certificates or approvals for the facility. And, most importantly, guaranteed security of the facility.

Development of additional sections from scratch

Development of additional sections from scratch

– constructive solutions (e.g., stair flight calculation);
– engineering solutions (e.g., heating, water supply, sewerage, ventilation, electricity, etc.);
– technological solutions (e.g., development of solutions for the arrangement of technological equipment in a restaurant).

What documents does our customer get?

Constructive solutions:
– calculation of load-bearing structures and foundations;
– plans of foundations;
– floor structure diagrams;
– constructive solutions on the arrangement of entrance room;

– schedule of beams; 
– stair flight calculation;
– roofing scheme;
– roof structures calculation;
– node points and sections;
– basic materials specifications

Engineering solutions:

– water supply and sewerage;
– ventilation and air conditioning;
– heating;
– individual heating units or boiler rooms;
– electricity and lighting;
– low voltage systems;
Technological solutions.

Construction management


 “Chetvertyi kvartal” Studio can take on the customer’s concerns for the organization and quality supervision of construction works. The main objective of this service is to release the customer from troubles connected with the involvement in the process of construction and compliance technologies with the guaranteed result. Note: the exact cost of these works will be calculated only after the completion of the Schematic Design.

If you decide to order this service, we reserve the right to choose the construction organization.

What does our customer get?

– selection and monitoring of the terms of work by a specialized construction organization; – technical supervision – control of construction technologies.

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