Architectural design is a complex process of developing the course and sequence of implementing creative ideas through professional study of solutions, which helps to create a unique and original architectural style of a building. Qualifications and experience of the architect are the issues that influence the exterior of your future building, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of its operation. For this reason architectural design requires a professional approach.

“Chetvertyi kvartal” Design Studio provides its customers with a comprehensive approach to architectural design of a country house, cottage, manor, mansion, apartments, recreation facilities and other structures, from geological survey and design concept development, to utility lines design and design supervision. We are ready to carry out the functions of a general designer, as well as to develop specific sections of the design documentation.

Generally, development of the design documentation for the construction of facilities is carried out in two stages. In case of a two-stage design the design documentation includes: Architectural Design (A) and Construction Design (C). For the construction of a country house, cottage or other technically simple objects most commonly single-stage design is used. In this case the Construction Design is developed with allocation of approved Architectural Part (AP).

Work scheme

1. Front end engineering design

The first step, which is the beginning of any architectural task, is front end engineering design.

This stage includes the preparation of input data for the design:

- preliminary approval of the location of the construction facility;

- acquisition of technical specifications;

- topographical and geological engineering surveys, inspection of engineering structures, measurements, photographic images, etc.;

- preparation of design assignment, describing the basic stylistic priorities, functional structure of the design and individual requests of the customer, current features of everyday life and work aspects.

2. Architectural Design (approval level design).

Architectural Design (approval level design) is an integrated package of design documents (sections), developed on the basis of the approved town planning documentation, which provides an insight into the location, physical parameters, technical characteristics, artistic and aesthetic qualities and technical and economic performance of the facility.

At this stage, overall requirements to town planning, architectural, artistic, design, stylistic, environmental and functional features of the designed facility are being determined, and a clear idea of the layout, the number of floors, materials, architectural and design solutions of the facilities are being formed.

Architectural Design (approval level design) is being developed on the basis of the design assignment in accordance with the requirements of initial permit documentation. The composition of sections of the Architectural Design (approval level design) is determined depending on the type of construction and function of the facility.

Generally, the Architectural Design (approval level design) consists of the following sections:

- General Explanatory Report;

- Master Plan and transport (MP);

- architectural and construction solutions (ACS);

- technological solutions;

- constructive solutions;

- solutions on engineering equipment, networks and systems (ES);

- environmental protection, ecological certificate of the project;

- management of construction (MC);

- engineering civil defense measures. Measures for the prevention of emergency situations, etc.

According to the decision of the customer or government bodies, the Architectural Design may include Schematic design (SD).

Development of schematic solutions helps to determine the external view of the future building, site location options for the building, to obtain data for calculation and justification of capital investments thereto, to receive necessary approvals from the organizations concerned. In addition, this stage includes the development of versions of master plan and the general architectural appearance of each building individually or a complex of buildings on the site. The scheme of the master plan is developed taking into account the shape and topography of the site, access roads, existing buildings on adjacent plots, functional connections of the complex of buildings.

The package of schematic solutions is composed of the following materials:

- Explanatory Note, including the basic features of the facility, performance indicators, final solutions of architectural and artistic tasks;

- general layout plan;

- Master plan scheme;

- elevations;

- floor plans with main dimensions, furniture and/or engineering equipment arrangement;

- sections;

- sketches of elevations in 3D.

3. Construction Design (detailed design).

Construction Design is being developed on the basis of duly approved Architectural Design.

Construction Design includes architectural, constructive and engineering sections, developed elements, node points and schemes, specifications of finishing and building materials, i.e. Construction Design is a complete set of detailed design documentation necessary for the execution of construction and installation works.

Detailed construction project can guarantee full compliance of the constructed object with architectural concept and provides an opportunity to determine a reasonable construction budget, optimally divide the construction process into stages, optimize costs, ensure rational use of materials without double or triple stock quantity, and, generally, reduces the time and cost of construction.

The composition of the Construction Design is determined by legal and technical documents and is specified by the customer and the developer in the design assignment.

Generally, Construction Design consists of the following sections:

- Explanatory Note;

- architectural solutions (plans, elevations, sections, finishing schedules, node points, parts, specifications) (AS);

- constructive solutions (CS);

- external water supply and sewerage (EWSS);

- internal water supply and sewerage (IWSS);

- heat supply (HS);

- heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC);

- electrical supply network (ESN);

- electrical equipment (EE);

- consolidated Master plan with external networks;

- low-voltage network (“smart home” system, access system, security, etc.);

- gas supply;                                                                                           

- technological solutions, etc.;

The composition and content of the Construction Design is determined by legal and technical documents and shall be approved in the design assignment.

Upon receiving the approved package of design documentation, it is possible to start construction works. During the overall process of construction, repair and finishing works the experts of the Studio “Chetvertyi kvartal” will exercise design supervision.

During the overall process of construction, repair and finishing works the experts of the Studio “Chetvertyi kvartal” will exercise design supervision. Design supervision includes overall supervision of the construction, repair and finishing works, correct implementation of all details, compliance of technological, structural, architectural and stylistic, construction and other technical indicators with design solutions. As part of the design supervision, experts of the Studio “Chetvertyi kvartal” will visit the facility to clarify design details, consult the customer on the selection of finishing materials, solve problems concerning design documentation that the Customer or contractor may have, take care of the preservation of the idea contained in the design, since only the author of the design understands the concept of stylistic solutions enough to implement it or adjust without breaking the harmony of all elements.

Design supervision is not included in the cost of design works and requires the conclusion of an additional agreement.

As a general rule, design supervision involves:

- regular visits to the facility to provide further explanations;

- supervision of work of the construction team;

- introduction of relevant comments in the work log;

- keeping the design supervision log;

- solution of problems concerning design documentation;

- when applicable – replacement of materials or equipment and making appropriate adjustments to the drawings.

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