22 February 2016

Meet-the-artist event by Alexander Trusov

Architect Alexander Trusov shares his knowledge in a variety of formats - in interviews and publications, lectures, seminars, workshops and meet-the-artist events. One of such events was held on March 19 at the salon Premium Decor. Alexander’s works are easily recognizable, while he is an iconic figure in his field. That is why there were so many people wishing to talk to him that the premises could hardly admit all the participants (nearly 60 persons).

At the beginning of the meeting, Alexander shared with the audience his professional impressions of the recent trip to Norway. As he said, the traditional simple cabins (rorbu) and bright natural colours had opened a new page in his creative work.

The architect told about the creative path and the studio "Chetvertyi kvartal". The guests were interested to know the details of the implementation of some projects, to get professional advice and to exchange opinions about the architecture of the present and the future.

Alexander praised the young architects because they focus on energy-efficient house construction and resort to the national identity. As an example, he mentioned the Belarusian company that using the traditional technology builds houses of straw "bricks". The architect believes that green thinking is in general peculiar to our architecture.