28 March 2016

Loft style workshop by Lyudmila Tatarinova

Loft is more than just another interior style. It’s a specific worldview and lifestyle. The designer Lyudmila Tatarinova shared the story how the loft once rocked the world, at her seminar on 12 November.

This style emerged in the 1940s in the working districts of New York, when the empty buildings of factories were settled by young artists. Spacious rooms with large windows were ideally suited for workshops and exhibitions but cost cheaper than conventional apartments. These lofts have become a symbol of independent and bohemian lifestyle.

Therefore, according to Lyudmila, loft is not a style in its usual sense, but a whole philosophy of life. It means freedom and creative expression, involves an innovative approach to space and gives room for imagination. This style proves that you can easily do without the bright colours, luxurious materials and elegant decor.

The designer gave the participants a lot of tips on how to create an interior in the loft style, which features of the premises to take into account and how to highlight the focuses.